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New Hope United Church is collecting items to help out: (Bold items are particularly needed)

- To go overseas - flannelette, also eyelet TRIM for decoration, double bias tape and 1/4" and 1/2" elastic, seam binding, safety pins (all sizes). 

Medical supplies (if you know someone who had home care, they probably have leftover medical supplies)

-they hope to put out a table at the soup kitchen of knitted hats, mitts, and scarves for those who need these items.

-to raise money for wheelchairs and computer equipment - Campbell soup labels, stamps and pop can tabs, and pop cans (can leave tabs attached)

- For Care4U - homemade mitts and hats for children and adults

- People who enjoy sewing basic items: Volunteers needed (either at home or at Ursula's) to make diapers from flannel 24 X 28, and for undershirts and flannel nighties.  Materials & patterns supplied)s.

- Hospital Auxiliary donates teddy bears to the ER Department - They are looking for anyone who would like to knit teddy bears and small stuffed toys for the Hospital.  They have patterns if interested.

- Beginnings is looking for twin and double blankets, baby food, and size 5 and 6 diapers.

Northumberland Hill Hospital - cell phones for people to carry while waiting to be called by the hospital for a medical issue.

Local nursing homes - MP3 players and headphones to be used by residents to listen to their personal mnusic.

If anyone has a serger they no longer want, their group could use it for the diapers and sanitary pads.


River of Hope : Refugee Sponsorship

New Hope United Church has partnered with other local churches to sponsor a Syrian Refugee Family.  In order to help our newcomer family settle into Port Hope, we will need volunteers for translation, driving and those who can teach English.  Talk to Bruce Laird or Derek Elion if you would like more information.  Our family is living in a house in Cobourg.  The two older boys are attending Cobourg Collegiate Institute while the younger boy attends C.R. Gummow School.  The parents are taking English classes at the YMCA and improving immensely in English.  Many of us enjoyed meeting the family at the New Year's Day Levy.


Hope AOTS sponsor Suhail Aslam from Vehari, Pakistan through Plan International.  Suhail is 9 and attends primary school where his favourite activity is religious studies.  He lives with his family in a stone house with a cement roof and floor that has a flushing toilet.  His father is a peasant farmer.   

Welcome UCW helps support uniforms for Juanita in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua.  Juanita made the cheerleading team but did not have the money for a uniform.  Thanks to the UCW she was able to get her cheerleading uniform shown here.  She is very thankful for the support from her Canadian friends.


Every two months our church helps neighboring churches with food for the Greenwood Coalition Dinner.  Thank you to Carol Madden for volunteering to help us gather food.   Food will be taken to Port Hope United Church to be used for the meal.  People can also assist making food and serving at the dinner.  Please contact Carol Madden if you are interested in donating or helping prepare the meal.