United Church Women (U.C.W.)
A  gathering of women who pursue spiritual and

community opportunities that enhance their Christian

faith, their social connection, and the overall mission of

their local congregation and the larger church. A group led by, and for, lay women, the U.C.W. provides the foundation for many life-long

friendships. It also binds them in a common quest to respond generously to people and purposes that are in need.

To learn more, click here: http://www.united-church.ca/allages/adults/women/ucw.

UCW Activities:

We have a Welcome Unit and a Garden Hill Unit that meet separately once a month to focus on various projects and worship topics.  Twice a year we meet together to share experiences. For more information about Welcome UCW activities, contact Doreen at 905-753-2292.

Welcome Unit UCW meeting

2nd Wednesday of every month at  1:30 pm

Next meeting 

Jan. 10th: 11:30 am: Luncheon followed by worship service and

                                 Planning meeting. 

New members always welcome.

Annual U.C.W. Christmas Bazaar November

New Hope United Church is fortunate to be able to offer a number of programs. Our community's range of ages, stages, natures, and places in life, allow us to provide opportunities specific to different folks' need for spiritual, educational, or social connections. Check out the Worship page for information on our Glow Club (Children's Club) and Church Choirs.
We would be delighted to welcome you at any of the following:


                              As One That Serves (A.O.T.S)
           AOTS is a men's service club that is affiliated with the

              United Church of Canada, but is open to all men on   

              a broad ecumenical basis. AOTS aims to promote fellowship, deepen the spiritual life of men, and develop an effective program of Christian service. In fact, AOTS stands for "As One That Serves", which is

taken from the statement by Christ: "I am among you as One that serves." (Luke 22.27).

Although the goals of AOTS are taken seriously, club members  enjoy the camaraderie of sharing, supporting, searching, studying, and serving together. AOTS fosters a good time for a good cause, mixing the social with the spiritual, as men of the church.  Every year our local club hosts a delicious Pancake Supper in April, Corn Roast in August, and huge Garage Sale in May as well as having monthly meetings. For more information about New Hope AOTS, contact David Willis at 905-396-5344
For more information about AOTS in general go to: www.aots.ca

AOTS Activities:

Monthly Meetings on Wednesday's at 8 pm

Next Meeting: Jan. 17th  8:00 pm

Speaker: Derek Elion - Trip to Ireland


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