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As a Christian community we mark the seasons of a person's life by offering 3 distinctive rites of passage - the marriage celebration, the sacrament of baptism, and likewise the funeral/memorial service.
Each of these rituals are poignant and profound in that they acknowledge the sacredness of life's journey.
Cradled within the belief that through all our experiences God is with us and that we are never alone, each rite recognizes the realities at hand - be they joyous or sorrowful, names hopes - for abundant life here on earth or in heaven beyond - and serves to remind all of the promises that God makes, and the possibilities that come from following the Way of Jesus.

New Hope United Church is honored to provide these rites consistent with the values and obligations it holds to be essential for our place and time, and in concert with requirements set out by the General Council of The United Church of Canada.

Inviting us to assist with any of these ceremonies is as simple as calling our church office at 905-800-1234.

As always, we're here to help as we can!