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We get it, kids today live very busy lives with all sorts of commitments!
      In response to that reality (and its impact on Sunday morning attendance), and yet still wanting to have a faith development opportunity available when our youth do attend, the Worship & Learning Ministry Team is thrilled to announce its innovative program On Demand Sunday School.
     Simply put, when the kids come on Sunday, we'll be ready to provide them with an opportunity for community building and Christian education in a fun, meaningful, and age appropriate way.

WORSHIP SERVICESare Sunday morning at 10 am with fellowship before the service.  After the service there are refreshments and time to socialize.   


Our church is accessible with a ramp to enter the church.  There are head phones for those who have hearing challenges.  The service is projected on an overhead screen.  There are also large print bulletins and hymn books for those with visual impairments.  We serve gluten-free bread during Communion and gluten-free options are available for refreshments.  Let us know if we can do other things to make your worship accessible.




Our SENIOR CHOIR features prominently in New Hope's worship life. Comprised of both women and men, the Senior Choir offers a weekly anthem on Sunday morning, and provides choral support during congregational singing.  While some have professional experience and are musically accomplished, the majority of members simply love to sing in a group.

The Senior Choir is particularly pleased to have both a Music Director (Melissa) and a Music Provider (Krista) who occasionally job-swap and always collaborate.  The Senior Choir is delighted when new voices join their ranks.  Practices happen Thursday evenings beginning at 7:30 p.m.  New Members always welcome.

Our JUNIOR CHOIR learns and performs vocal selections appropriate to their age, faith understanding and vocal gifts. The focus here is on fun, skill development, and performance confidence. Our Junior Choir is one of the delights we celebrate in worship and welcome enthusiastically whenever they gift us with song.